Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa

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Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (OEK)
Founded 1988
Concert hall Ishikawa Ongakudō
Principal conductor Michiyoshi Inoue
Website www.orchestra-ensemble-kanazawa.jp

The Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (オーケストラ・アンサンブル金沢, Ōkesutora Ansanburu Kanazawa?) is a professional chamber orchestra, founded in 1988, based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, and is a full member of Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestras. The Orchestra's home is Ishikawa Ongakudō (Ishikawa Music Hall). Since 2007, its music director is Michiyoshi Inoue.


The orchestra performs more than 100 concerts every year. In 1992, the Orchestra's CD "合奏協奏曲第1番(シュニトケ)、カルメン組曲(ビゼー)" (Concerto grosso No.1 by Schnittke and Carmen by Bizet) received Japan Record Academy Award.[1] In 1994, the Orchestra's CD "21世紀へのメッセージ" (Message for 21st Century) published by Polydor Kabushiki Kaisha received Artistic Work Award from Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan.[2] In 1995, the Orchestra received the Grand Prize of Idemitsu Music Prize for 1994.[3] In 1995, the Orchestra's CD "21世紀へのメッセージ vol. 2" (Message for 21st Century vol. 2) received the Japan Record Academy Award.[4]

In 2008, it performed 128 concerts including 7 overseas concerts, making it the 11th largest Japanese orchestra in terms of concert revenue.[5] On January 7, 2010, the Orchestra's home Ishikawa Music Hall received the Internal Minister's Prize from Japan Foundation for Regional Art Activities for the collaboration with the Orchestra to promote art in the region.[6] In 2005, the Orchestra's CD of Mozart piano concerto featuring pianist Yoko Kikuchi received the Music Pen Club Award.[7]

Music Director[edit]

Composer In Residence[edit]


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