Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg

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Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg (OPS)
Symphonie des deux rives - 2006 - Salutations.jpg
Concert hallPalais de la musique et des congrès 'Pierre Pflimlin '
Principal conductorAziz Shokhakimov

The Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg (Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra) is a French orchestra based in Strasbourg. It is one of the two permanent orchestras of the Opéra national du Rhin (the other being the Orchestre symphonique de Mulhouse). The orchestra's current principal venue is the Palais de la musique et des congrès 'Pierre Pflimlin' (PMC Pierre-Pflimlin, or PMC).


The orchestra was founded in 1855. Between 1871 and 1918, and 1940 and 1944, the orchestra had been a German one, resulting from conflicts between France and Germany over the Alsace region. In 1994, the orchestra acquired the official title of Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg – orchestre national. Composers-in-residence have included the French composers Jean-Louis Agobet and Philippe Manoury, the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho and the American composer John Corigliano.

Past music directors and chief conductors have included Hans Pfitzner, Hans Rosbaud, Ernest Bour, Jan Latham-Koenig, Charles Bruck and Alain Lombard. Marc Albrecht became artistic advisor of the orchestra in 2005, and music director in 2008. Albrecht and the orchestra have recorded commercially for PENTATONE, including orchestral lieder of Alban Berg, and piano concertos by Robert Schumann and Antonín Dvořák.[1] Albrecht concluded his tenure in 2011.

In January 2011, the orchestra announced the appointment of Marko Letonja as its next music director, effective with the 2012-2013 season.[2] He is scheduled to conclude his Strasbourg tenure at the close of the 2020-2021 season. In July 2020, the orchestra announced the appointment of Aziz Shokhakimov as its next music director, effective with the 2021-2022 season, with an initial contract of 3 seasons.[3]

Music directors[edit]


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