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Orchita Sporshia
Born (1993-12-08) December 8, 1993 (age 25)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Years active2011–present

Orchita Sporshia (born 8 December 1993) is a Bangladeshi actress, model, and owner of Kochchop Films, a production company. She has performed over hundred television dramas, short films, telefilms, including Shubornopur, Shaola, BBC produced Ujan Ganger Naiya,[1][2] etc. She also has been the brand embassador of Airtel, Samsung Mobile, Parachute Hair oil, Foster Clarks, Ollo and many other brands. Sporshia has been working as a famous leading actress in the showbiz arena of Bangladesh since 2011. And now working in mainstream films.[3]

Early life[edit]

Sporshia was born on 8 December 1993, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is the only child and raised by her mother alone. Her father left them when she was only one year old. Her mother Suzan Haque is a former journalist and worked as social worker and served many unprivileged families and orphans. Now Suzan Haque runs a clothing business.

Sporshia was very affectionate with drawing, novels and films from early childhood. Sporshia learned and is a trained classical, salsa and contemporary dancer also. Sporshia completed her initial schooling from Cephalon Int. School in Dhaka. Then she completed her O and A Level under Pearson Edexcel London examination board. Then she enrolled at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) to do her honors in Media Studies and Journalism. She took Digital Production (film making) as major, but couldn't finish her study.

She has to take responsibilities of her and her mother and therefore, she started working along with her studies at the age of 15. First she joined an art school as children's art teacher and then she did tutoring to her juniors. Later she joined an ad agency and production company and started her career as assistant director as it was her dream to become film maker. But that couldn't last long. In 2011, she participated in screen test for Airtel for their tvc and following the day, her life changed.


Sporshia started her career with television commercial for the telecom company Airtel. In 2011, she participated in screen test for Airtel. Following the day, she was called by the Airtel for their TVC. Sporshia showed up in ‘Airtel Dalbal’ TVC for the first time. Then she got lots of chances in her career for her spontaneous and good performance, and performed in more than twelve television commercial of Airtel in the following year. And has been signed as brand embassador for Airtel, then Parachute Hair oil, Ollo, Samsung Mobile, and many other brands. Till now, she did more than 25 television commercials and champaingns.

Sporshia enters into the acting world with Airtel presents Aurunodoyer Torun Dol, directed by Samir Ahmed in 2011. From then till now, she has played leading roles in over hundred television dramas, short films and Telefilms. She did 9 television serials. She showed her terrific performance in the BBC produced television serial Ujan Ganger Naiya, which has established her name as one of the best actress in Bangladesh.

Now she is working in mainstream films. She has worked as art director and assistant director before she started working in front of the camera. And now She own her production company name Kochchop films.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Sporshia's father was a businessman and left her and her mother with nothing, when she was only one year old. Her mother, Suzan Haque, raised her all alone. In many interviews Sporshia described how bad was her childhood and her mother's struggle being a woman and single parent, and Sporshia blame not her father but social hypocrisy for that.

Sporshia and her life has been talked for her bold nature and straightforwardness. She was in quite a few relationships. Once she was questioned about her religious views and she described herself as Universalist and believe in karma, love and peace.


TV Dramas and Telefilms[edit]

  • Airtel Presents 'Aurunodoyer Torun Dol'[5]
  • Shaola
  • Impossible 5 (2013)[6]
  • Shubornopur Beshi Durey Noy
  • Paathshala
  • Niyoti
  • Itish Pitish
  • Borsha Kabbo
  • Dui Ghontar Bhalobasha
  • Probashi Jamai
  • Bishorjon
  • Photographer 71
  • Rongin Didha
  • Jori kingba Minur Golpo (Humayun Ahmed)
  • Joitori (Humayun Ahmed)
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Warish Naama

TV Serial[edit]

  • Apon Apon Khela (Channel9)
  • Roud (Channel 24)
  • Side Effect (Rtv)
  • Ujan Ganger Naiya (2014, BTV)[7][8]
  • Family Pack (NTV)
  • Amader Chhoto Nodi (Channel I)
  • Icche Ghuri (NTV)
  • Bindu Bishorgo
  • Torun Turki (NTV)


Year Film Role Co-Actors Director Released Notes
2019 Abar basanta[9][10] Tariq Anam Khan ,Orchita Sporshia Anonno Mamun released in June 2019


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