Orcus Patera

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Elevation map centered on Orcus Patera

Orcus Patera is a region on the surface of the planet Mars. It is a depression about 380 km long, 140 km wide, and about 0.5 km (500 meters) deep but with a relatively smooth floor.[1] It has a rim up to 1.8 km high.[1] Orcus Patera is west of Mons Olympus and east of Elysium Mons.[1] It is about half-way between those two volcanoes, and east and north of Gale crater.

It has experienced aeolian processes, and has some small craters and graben structures.[1] However, it is not known how the patera originally formed.[1] Theories include volcanic, tectonic, or cratering events.[1]

Mars Express observed this region in 2005, yielding a digital terrain model and color pictures.[1]

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