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Orden Ogan
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Background information
OriginArnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
GenresPower metal, folk metal, heavy metal
Years active1996–present
LabelsAFM Records
Associated actsSuidakra, Nüpfelgard, Solar Fragment, Absence, Duke, Nogge, Adam's Fall, Meilenstein
  • Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann
  • Niels Löffler
  • Dirk Meyer-Berhorn
  • Steven Wussow
  • Patrick Sperling
Past membersSee former members

Orden Ogan is a German power metal band with progressive and folk metal elements. The band was formed in 1996 by Sebastian Grütling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (lead vocals and guitar).[citation needed] They currently have three demos and seven studio albums and are signed with AFM Records.

They are also the organizers of the German metal festival WinterNachtsTraum, which has featured such bands as Rage, Sinister, Axxis, Ensiferum, Van Canto, and Agathodaimon.[1]


Founded in June 1996 as Tanzende Aingewaide, the band was renamed Orden Ogan in 1997. Orden Ogan means "The Order of Fear," Orden being the German word for Order, and Ogan being the Old Celtic word for Fear.[2] They released 3 Demotapes: Into Oblivion (1998), Soli Deo Gloria (1999), and Testimonium A.D.

The band considers its history to begin in 2008 with the release of their first studio album, Vale, which was released via Yonah Records in Germany, and met with acclaim by the European press.[citation needed] The German magazine, Rock Hard Magazine, called the band "the one and only legitimate Blind Guardian successor".[citation needed] Vale was later released in Brazil and Japan in 2009. Vale is also the first of the band's albums to feature their mascot Alister Vale. The cover art on all of the band's studio albums are done by Andreas Marschall, who has also done cover art for bands such as Blind guardian. The band's songs may also include deeper meaning, but all studio albums include the loose concept of the story of their mascot Alister Vale, an immortal who is cursed and has to move on and on, but everything he leaves decays behind him. Orden Ogan participated in over 50 shows in 2008, with festivals such as Rock am Ring (Ger, Hi8 stage), Metal Healing in Greece, Germany's Rock Harz, and the Metal Camp in Slovenia.[3]

In 2010, Orden Ogan released their second studio album, Easton Hope, with their current label AFM Records. Following the release, Orden Ogan did their first European tour supporting Tiamat.

Following a lineup change in 2011, Orden Ogan returned in 2012 album with their third studio album, To The End, which peaked at #41 on the German charts. The album's first single, The Things we Believe in, has reached over 5.8 million YouTube views as of 2021.

In 2013, it was announced that the band would play in the United States for the first time in 2014, participating in the power-progressive music festival, ProgPower USA XV.[4] The band was also included in Wacken Open Air, Made of Metal Festival in the Czech Republic, and went on tour with Rhapsody and Freedom Call.[5] They also toured Europe in January/February 2015 with Hammerfall and Serious Black.

In 2014, Orden Ogan frontman, Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann founded Greenman Studio, where he now mixes the audio for Orden Ogan. Greenman Studio has also mixed for the band Rhapsody of Fire.

In 2015, Orden Ogan released their fourth studio album, Ravenhead, which peaked at #16 on the German charts, and #56 on the Swiss charts.

Orden Ogan released their fifth studio album, Gunmen on 7 July 2017. On 19 May 2017, Orden Ogan posted the music video for their fifth album's first single, Gunman, to YouTube.

The band confirmed on 16 October 2019 that they had hired Steven Wussow (ex-Xandria) as the new bass player.[6]

The band's sixth studio album Final Days, was announced on 6 December 2019 and was originally set to be released on 28 August 2020, but was later postponed to 12 March 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first single off of the album, "In the Dawn of the AI", was released on 24 July 2020 along with a music video.[7] The second single, "Heart of the Android", was released on 4 December 2020.





  • Into Oblivion demo (1998)
  • Soli Deo Gloria demo (1999)
  • Testimonium A.D. demo (2004)

Studio albums[edit]

  • Vale (2008)
  • Easton Hope (2010)
  • To the End (2012)
  • Ravenhead (2015)
  • The Book of Ogan (2016)
  • Gunmen (2017)
  • Final Days (2021)

Singles / Music videos[edit]

  • We Are Pirates! (2010)
  • The Things We Believe In (2012)
  • Land of the Dead (2012)
  • Fever (2014)
  • Gunman (2017)
  • Come with Me to the Other Side (2017)
  • Fields of Sorrow (2017)
  • In the Dawn of the AI (2020)
  • Heart of the Android (2020)
  • Inferno (2021)


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