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The Orden del Pop (Order of the Mat) is an annual award bestowed by the Museo Popol Vuh at Guatemala's Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Created in 1998, the Orden del Pop recognises "the work of individuals who have made significant contributions towards the protection, study and research of Guatemala's cultural heritage".[1]


Year Awarded to Nationality
1998 Guillermo Mata Amado Guatemala
1999 Ricardo Muñoz Gálvez Guatemala
2000 Arthur A. Demarest United States
2001 Ian Graham United Kingdom
2002 Alain Ichon France
2003 Federico Fahsen Guatemala
2004 Merle Greene Robertson United States
2005 not awarded
2006 Michael D. Coe United States
2007 George E. Stuart United States
2008 Asociación Tikal (institution) Guatemala
2009 Miguel Orrego Corzo Guatemala
2010 Marion Popenoe de Hatch[2]  United States
2011 Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala  Guatemala
2012 Richard D. Hansen  United States


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