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Order 7161 refers to the top secret USSR State Defense Committee Order no 7161ss (Постановление № 7161cc ГКО СССР) of December 16, 1944 about mobilisation and internment of able-bodied Germans for reparation works in the USSR. (The Cyrillic "cc" after the order number is the Russian abbreviation for "top secret".) It was part of the organisation of forced labor of Germans in the Soviet Union since the ending period of World War II.

Order 7161 instructed recipients to intern all able-bodied Germans of ages 17–45 (men) and 18-30 (women) residing within the territories of Romania (69,332 persons), Hungary (31,923 persons), Yugoslavia (10,935 persons), Czechoslovakia (215 persons) and Bulgaria (75 persons), which were under the control of the Red Army, for deportation to the Soviet Union in order to perform manual, reparation works.

The order remained secret in the Soviet Bloc until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The implementation of the order was assigned to the NKVD and was taken up by its department of the Main Administration for Affairs of Prisoners of War and Internees (Russian abbreviation: GUPVI).

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