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The Order of Barbados is part of the national honours system of the government of Barbados, and presented by the Governor-General of Barbados on behalf of the monarch of Barbabos. It comprises four classes, two of which are awarded in two grades. It was instituted under letters patent of Queen Elizabeth II dated 27 July 1980. The first awards were subsequently bestowed in November 1980. Barbados had previously used the British honours system.


Class Grade Post-nominal letters Title or style
1. Order of Barbados.gif Knight or Dame of St. Andrew - KA or DA Sir (male) or Dame (female)
2. Order of Barbados.gif Companion of Honour of Barbados - CHB The Honourable
3. Order of Barbados.gif Crown of Merit Gold Crown of Merit GCM *
Silver Crown of Merit SCM *
4. Order of Barbados.gif Barbados Service Award Barbados Service Star BSS *
Barbados Service Medal BSM *

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