Order of Battle Suiyuan Campaign

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Japanese attempt to increase the size of their puppet state of Inner Mongolia in the Suiyuan Campaign.

Inner Mongolia[edit]

Inner Mongolian Army 1936

  • Commander in Chief - Teh Wang
    • Teh Wang's personal troops
    • Li-Shou-hsin's Command: Li Shouxin
      • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Cavalry Division and an artillery regiment (Jehol Mongols, Chahar Mongols)
    • Pao Yueh-ching's Command: Pao Yueh-ching
      • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Cavalry Division and an artillery regiment(Mongol irregulars and bandits)
    • 9th Division (served as security guard division)
  • total: 9,000–10,000 men
  • Grand Han Righteous Army - Wang Ying
    • 4 Brigades (6,000 men, Japanese trained Chinese soldiers and former bandits)


  • 20-30 advisors with each Mongolian unit and Headquarters staff
  • A few field artillery pieces and crews
  • 30 armoured cars and tankettes and crews
  • Crews and ground support for 28 planes


Suiyuan Provincial Forces 1936

1st Route Army - Fu Zuoyi

  • 35th Army - Fu Zuoyi (concurrent)
    • 211th Infantry Brigade
      • 419, 421, 422 Infantry Regiments
    • 218th Infantry Brigade -
      • 420, 435, 436 Infantry Regiments
    • 205th brigade (less 407th Regiment)
    • 7th Independent Brigade - Ma Yanshou
    • 10th Reserve Regiment
    • 21st, 29th Artillery Regiment
    • Antiaircraft battalion (less 1st and 3rd battery)

2nd Route Army - Tang Enbo (en route to Suiyuan)

  • 13th Army, with the attached 72nd Division and the 27th Artillery Regiment.

3rd Route Army - Li Fuying (Garrison of Jinbei, Tianzhen, Gaoyang[disambiguation needed] area)

  • 68th Division - Li Fuying (concurrent)
  • 24th Artillery Regiment
  • 1st and 3rd batteries of the Antiaircraft battalion.

Cavalry Army - Zhao Chengshou

  • assistant deputy commander - Men Bingyue
    • 1st Cavalry Division - Peng Yubin
    • 2nd Cavalry Division
    • 7th Cavalry Division - Men Bingyue

Reserve Army - Wang Jingguo (Garrison of Zhusui, Baotou area)

  • 70th Division - Wang Jingguo (concurrent)
    • (Less 205th brigade, its 407th Regiment remained with the division)
  • 8th Independent Brigade - Meng Xianji

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