Order of Battle of the Battle of Lanfeng

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The following units and commanders fought in the Battle of Lanfeng in May 1938.


1st War Area - Cheng Qian

  • Eastern Honan Army - Hsueh Yueh
    • 64th Corps - Li Han-huen
      • 155th Division - Chen Kung-hsin
      • 187th Division - Peng Ling-cheng
    • 8th Corps - Huang Chieh
      • 40th Division - Lo Li-jung
      • 102nd Division - Po Hui-chang
    • 74th Corps - Wang Yao-wu
      • 51st Division - Wang Yao-wu
      • 58th Division - Feng Sheng-fa
  • 71st Corps Sung Hsi-lien (Song Xilian)
    • 87th Division [2]
    • 88th Division [2]

Reinforcements [May22nd]

  • 17th Army - Hu Tsung-nan [Hu Zongnan - May22nd]
    • 1st Corps - Li Tieh-chun
      • 1st Division - Li Tieh-chun
      • 78th Division - Li Wen
    • 27th Corps - Kuei Yung-ching
      • 36th Division [2] - Chiang Fu-sheng
      • 46th Division - Li Liang-yung
    • 200th Division (1st Column) - Qiu Qingquan
      • Tank battalion *
      • Infantry battalion
      • Engineer battalion
      • Armored car battalion
      • Antiaircraft unit
      • Motor maintenance unit
      • Antitank battalion


  • * Tanks of the 1st Column's armoured battalion would have been equipped with new Soviet T-26 tanks. (There is some photographic evidence that there were some of the Italian CV-33 tanks there as well. One was photographed on the Lanfeng battlefield with three Japanese troops examining it. see photo and discussion http://www.china-defense.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=512)


North China Area Army - Juichi Terauchi [1,3]

1st Army - Kyoji Kotsuki

  • 14th Division - Kenji Doihara
    • 27th Infantry Brigade
      • 2nd Infantry Regiment
      • 59th Infantry Regiment
    • 28th Infantry Brigade
      • 15th Infantry Regiment
      • 50th Infantry Regiment
    • 20th Field Artillery Regiment
    • 18th Cavalry Regiment
    • 14th Engineer Regiment
    • 14th Transport Regiment

Note: IJA 1st Army had these armoured units directly under its command that could have been assigned to 14th Division: [3]

  • 1st Independent Light Armored Car Squadron
  • 5th Independent Light Armored Car Squadron
  • 2nd Tank Battalion


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page 230-235

Map. 9-2

[2] German trained Division. Note these divisions had been badly mauled in the battles of Shanghai and of Nanking in 1937 and were no longer the crack units they once were.

[3] 抗日战争时期的侵华日军序列沿革 (Order of battle of the Japanese army that invaded China during the Sino Japanese War)

[4] 國軍精銳---國民革命軍第二○○師 Elite Troops of the National Revolutionary Army, the 200th Division, (in Chinese)