Order of Bayi

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Order of Bayi
Bayi Order
Awarded by Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
Country People's Republic of China
Type Chinese military medal
Eligibility Military personnel only
Established 1955
First awarded 1955
Last awarded 1955
Total awarded 47 (First Class Medal)
1,467 (Second Class Medal)
5,339 (Third Class Medal)
Order of Bayi
Traditional Chinese 八一勳章
Simplified Chinese 八一勋章

Order of Bayi or Bayi Order (Chinese: 八一勋章; pinyin: Bā Yī Xūn Zhāng) was a Chinese military award awarded to heroes of the Liberation of China during the First Chinese Civil War.[1][2][3] There are three grades: First Class Medal, Second Class Medal, and Third Class Medal.


Service Ribbon[edit]

Notable recipients[edit]


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