Order of Duke Domagoj

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Order of Duke Domagoj
Red kneza Domagoja (detalj)

Ribbon of an Order of Duke Domagoj
Obverse of the medal with neckband. Ribbon of the Order.
Awarded by Republic of Croatia
Type Military decoration
Eligibility Croatian and foreign citizens.
Awarded for "... the demonstration of outstanding bravery and heroism in war, the direct threat of war, or in exceptional circumstances in peace."[1]
Status Currently awarded.
Description Gold, naked, kneeling archer in centre of silver oval inscribed "KNEZ DOMAGOJ" (Duke Domagoj)
Established 10 March 1995[2]
First awarded 1995
Last awarded 2013
Total awarded 566 (as of 6 Mar 2013)[3][4]
Next (higher) Order of Duke Branimir
Next (lower) Order of Nikola Šubić Zrinski
Umanjenica Reda kneza Domagoja

Miniature of the Order

The Order of Duke Domagoj (Croatian: Red kneza Domagoja) is the 7th most important medal given by the Republic of Croatia and is the nation's highest award for bravery.[1] The order was founded on April 1, 1995. The medal is awarded for valor in combat.[5] It is named after duke Domagoj of Croatia.

Appearance and Wear[edit]

The order comprises a pure silver oval, 40 mm high and 50 mm wide, in the middle of which kneels a naked archer, fashioned from gold, his right foot tucked under his buttocks, his left stretched out. Below the archer is a semi-circular ornament in the form of a wave with the inscription KNEZ DOMAGOJ (PRINCE DOMAGOJ). At the top sits the coat of arms of Croatia, above diagonally crossed swords. The reverse is smooth with the Croatian wattle in the centre containing the inscription REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA (REPUBLIC OF CROATIA). At the upper tip of the religious symbol, on the coat of arms, there is a hitch for the ribbon.

The neckband is 36 mm wide and 600 mm long and shows the colors of the Croatian coat of arms, a red-silver check. The accompanying miniature is normally worn as a medal on the upper left breast.

Notable Recipients[edit]


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