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Order of Fiji
Award of  Fiji
Type State Order
Ribbon Red with a white central stripe. Awards in the military division have a narrow red stripe bisecting the white central stripe.
Eligibility Fijian nationals or anyone who makes an impact for Fiji
Awarded for Achievement and merit to Fiji and mankind as a whole.
Chancellor President of Fiji[1]
Grades Companion (CF), Officer (OF), Member (MF), Medal (MOF)
Established 1 March 1995
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) President's Cross
Order of Fiji (General Division).png
Ribbon of the General Division
Order of Fiji (Military Division).png
Ribbon of the Military Division

The Order of Fiji is the highest honour of the Fijian honours system. Established 1 March 1995, the order is presented for achievement and merit to Fiji and mankind as a whole. The order is divided into a general division and military division, and is presented in three classes, with an associated medal.

The President of Fiji serves as the chancellor of the order and also as the order's Principal Companion. Following their term of office, former presidents remain as Companions of the Order of Fiji.[2]

The Order of Fiji was a Commonwealth honour from its re-admittance to the Commonwealth on 20 December 2001,[3] to its second full suspension from the Commonwealth on 1 September 2009.[4]

Grades and divisions[edit]

The Order of Fiji is awarded in a military division and a general division. It is awarded in three classes and a medal with the following postnominals:[5]

  • Companion (CF)
  • Officer (OF)
  • Member (MF)
  • Medal (MOF)

Notable recipients[edit]




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