Order of Glory (Ottoman Empire)

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Order of Glory
Nişan-i İftihar
Nişan-ı İftihar of the Ottoman Empire.jpg
Order of Glory of the Ottoman Empire
Awarded by
Ottoman Sultan
Country  Ottoman Empire
Type Order of Merit
Awarded for General merit
Status No longer awarded
Established 19 August 1831
Last awarded 1862 (with exceptions)
Next (higher) Nişan-i Imtiyaz
Next (lower) Osmanlı Devlet Nişanı
Order of Glory (Ottoman Empire) - ribbon bar.png
Ribbon bar of the order

The Order of Glory (Turkish: Nişan-i İftihar) was an order of the Ottoman Empire founded 19 August 1831 by Sultan Mahmud II.[1] With the introduction of the Order of the Medjidie some sources declared this order obsolete. However, examples are known to have been awarded during the reign of Abdul Hamid II.[2] This was the second highest order in the Ottoman Empire (just below the Order of Distinction (Nişan-i Imtiyaz)).[3]


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