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Order of Prince Henry
Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique
Ordem do Infante D. Henrique.jpg
Insignia of the order
Awarded by Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic
MottoTalant de bien faire
EligibilityPortuguese and foreigners; military and civilian
Criteriaexceptional and outstanding merit for Portugal and its culture
Grand MasterPresident of Portugal
ChancellorManuela Ferreira Leite
GradesGrand Collar
Grand Cross
Grand Officer
Next (higher)Order of Saint James of the Sword
Next (lower)Order of Liberty
PRT Order of Prince Henry - Knight BAR.png
Ribbon of the Order of Prince Henry

The Order of Prince Henry (Portuguese: Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique) is a Portuguese order of knighthood created on 2 June 1960, to commemorate the quincentenary of the death of the Portuguese prince Henry the Navigator, one of the main initiators of the Age of Discovery. Minor reforms of the constitution of the Order occurred in 1962 and 1980.[1]

It is a five-tier order, whose titles are awarded for relevant services to Portugal and for services in the expansion of the Portuguese culture, its history and its values (with a particular focus on its maritime history). The number of members in each grade is restricted by its constitution, and titles are attributed by special decree by the Grand Master of the Order, i.e., the President of Portugal.


The order includes several classes; in decreasing order of seniority, these are:

  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Grand Collar BAR.png Grand Collar (Grande-Colar - GColIH)
  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Grand Cross BAR.png Grand Cross (Grã-Cruz - GCIH)
  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Grand Officer BAR.png Grand Officer (Grande-Oficial - GOIH)
  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Commander BAR.png Commander (Comendador - ComIH)
  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Officer BAR.png Officer (Oficial - OIH)
  • PRT Order of Prince Henry - Knight BAR.png Knight/Dame (Cavaleiro - CvIH / Dama - DmIH)

There is also a Silver Medal (Medalha de Prata - MedPIH) and a Gold Medal (Medalha de Ouro - MedOIH).

The special distinction of Grand Collar can be awarded only to heads of state.

Ribbons and medals are characterized by equal stripes of blue, white and black (either horizontal or vertical) and a ruby-enameled golden cross pattée. The stars of Grand Officer and Grand Cross bear the inscription "Talant de bien faire".

Membership to the Order is conferred by the President, either on his own initiative, upon the recommendation of his Ministers or following nomination by the Council of the Order.

Grand Collar of the Order as of December 2018[edit]

Name Occupation or title Date
Juscelino Kubitschek President of Brazil 20 October 1960
Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco 21 July 1965
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah of Iran 27 July 1967
Anastasio Somoza Debayle President of Nicaragua 19 February 1968
António de Oliveira Salazar Prime Minister of Portugal 10 April 1968
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 31 May 1973
Elena Ceaușescu First Lady of Socialist Republic of Romania 12 June 1975
Edward Gierek First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party 13 March 1976
Henryk Jabłoński Chairman of the Council of State of the People's Republic of Poland 13 March 1976
Piotr Jaroszewicz Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Poland 13 March 1976
Josip Broz Tito President of Yugoslavia 2 April 1978
Juan Carlos I King of Spain 17 April 1978
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing President of the French Republic 21 October 1978
Ernesto Geisel President of Brazil 13 February 1979
Pál Losonczi Chairman of the Hungarian Presidential Council 14 August 1979
Todor Zhivkov Chairman of the State Council of Bulgaria 21 August 1979
Baudouin King of the Belgians 24 August 1982
Samora Moisés Machel President of Mozambique 30 August 1982
Hosni Mubarak President of the Arab Republic of Egypt 19 August 1983
Angelo de Mojana di Cologna Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller 2 September 1983
François Mitterrand President of the French Republic 29 September 1983
Rudolf Kirchschläger President of Austria 18 April 1984
Margrethe II Queen of Denmark 20 June 1984
Denis Sassou Nguesso President of the Republic of the Congo 24 November 1984
Mobutu Sese Seko President of Zaire 12 December 1984
Jean Grand Duke of Luxembourg 29 January 1985
Aristides Pereira President of the Republic of Cape Verde 31 January 1986
Manuel Pinto da Costa President of São Tomé and Príncipe 31 January 1986
Colin Tongs Explorer: Expedition 1954: British Schools Exploring Society 26 August 1987
Jaime Lusinchi President of Venezuela 21 January 1987
José Eduardo dos Santos President of Angola 25 January 1988
Virgilio Barco Vargas President of Colombia 4 February 1989
Richard von Weizsäcker President of Germany 19 June 1989
Rodrigo Borja Cevallos President of Ecuador 22 March 1990
Andrew Bertie Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller 22 March 1990
Francesco Cossiga President of Italy 22 March 1990
Joaquim Alberto Chissano President of Mozambique 9 April 1990
Christos Sartzetakis Ex-President of Greece 12 November 1990
Brunó Ferenc Straub President of Hungary 12 November 1990
Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands 14 May 1991
Mauno Henrik Koivisto President of Finland 22 April 1992
Hassan II King of Morocco 26 March 1993
Dawda Jawara President of the Gambia 4 October 1993
Lech Wałęsa President of the Republic of Poland 18 October 1994
Nelson Mandela President of South Africa 20 November 1995
Juan Carlos Wasmosy President of Paraguay 17 December 1995
Aleksander Kwaśniewski President of Poland 2 September 1997
Rafael Caldera President of Venezuela 17 October 1997
Leonid Kuchma President of Ukraine 16 April 1998
Akihito Emperor of Japan 12 May 1998
Roman Herzog President of Germany 13 August 1998
Ernesto Zedillo President of Mexico 30 September 1998
Jacques Chirac President of the Republic of France 4 February 1999
Constantinos Stephanopoulos President of Greece 13 December 1999
Albert II King of the Belgians 14 December 1999
Fernando Henrique Cardoso President of Brazil 14 March 2000
Emil Constantinescu President of Romania 15 March 2000
Milan Kučan President of Slovenia 29 March 2000
António Mascarenhas Monteiro President of Cape Verde 8 June 2000
Ricardo Lagos President of Chile 26 September 2001
Hugo Chávez President of Venezuela 8 November 2001
Fernando de la Rúa President of Argentina 14 November 2001
Omar Bongo President of Gabon 17 December 2001
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi President of Italy 3 January 2002
Alpha Oumar Konaré President of Mali 27 February 2002
Pedro Pires President of Cape Verde 22 April 2002
Thomas Klestil President of Austria 19 August 2002
Georgi Parvanov President of Bulgaria 7 October 2002
Ferenc Mádl President of Hungary 7 October 2002
Tarja Halonen President of Finland 24 October 2002
Abdelaziz Bouteflika President of Algeria 14 January 2003
Rolandas Paksas President of Lithuania 29 May 2003
Arnold Rüütel President of Estonia 29 May 2003
Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga President of Latvia 29 May 2003
Harald V King of Norway 13 February 2004
Heinz Fischer President of Austria 31 January 2005
Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg 6 May 2005
Nicanor Duarte President of Paraguay 22 September 2005
Xanana Gusmão President of East Timor 14 February 2006
Valdas Adamkus President of Lithuania 31 May 2007
Michelle Bachelet President of Chile 7 November 2007
José Ramos-Horta President of East Timor 13 November 2007
Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein King of Jordan 5 March 2008
Lech Kaczyński President of Poland 1 September 2008
Edward Fenech Adami President of Malta 11 December 2008
Horst Köhler President of Germany 2 March 2009
Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani Emir of Qatar 20 April 2009
Abdullah Gül President of the Republic of Turkey 10 May 2009
Bronisław Komorowski President of Poland 19 April 2012
Taur Matan Ruak elected President of East Timor 10 May 2012
Jorge Carlos Fonseca President of Cape Verde 11 June 2012
Juan Manuel Santos President of Colombia 14 November 2012
Ollanta Humala President of Peru 19 November 2012
Devin Nunes US Representative for California's 22nd congressional District 7 June 2013
Ricardo Martinelli President of Panama 29 July 2013
Enrique Peña Nieto President of Mexico 5 June 2014
Tomislav Nikolić President of Serbia 25 January 2017
Willem-Alexander King of the Netherlands 10 October 2017
Queen Máxima Queen consort of the Netherlands 10 October 2017
Philippe King of the Belgians 22 October 2018
Queen Mathilde Queen consort of the Belgians 22 October 2018


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