Order of Kinabalu

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Darjah Yang Amat Mulia Kinabalu
Awarded by Governor of Sabah
Type State order
Motto Sabah Maju Jaya (Sabah Develop and Excel)
Eligibility All living citizens of the Sabahans
Awarded for Meritorious and outstanding services for Sabah and sometimes at the governor's pleasure
Status Currently enacted
Governor of Sabah Juhar Mahiruddin
Grades Grand Commander (SPDK)
Commander (PGDK)
Companion (ASDK)
Member (ADK)
Next (lower) Medals of State
Ahli Darjah Kinabalu (4th grade)

The Illustrious Order of Kinabalu (Malay: Darjah Yang Amat Mulia Kinabalu) is the only order conferred by the Government of Sabah through the Governor. This order has 5 classes.[1]

Grand Commander[edit]

The Grand Commander of the Order of Kinabalu (Malay: Seri Panglima Darjah Kinabalu) (SPDK) is the highest class of the order. The bearer of this order brings the title of Datuk Seri Panglima and Datin Seri Panglima for the wife of bearer. Husband of bearer brings no title.

This class of order has the star, badge, sash and collar.

This class of order was limited to 125 alive bearers only, excluding the Governor of State and the former State Governors and the honorary recipients.

The State Governor-designate receives this class of the order automatically on the date of his inauguration.


The Commander of the Order of Kinabalu (English: Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu) (PGDK) is the second class of the order. The bearers bring the title of Datuk and Datin for the bearer's wife.

This order class was limited to 650 alive bearers only, excluding the honorary bearers. This order has the sash, the badge and the star.


Ahli Setia Darjah Kinabalu (English: Loyal Member (Companion) of the Order of Kinabalu) (ASDK) is the 3rd class of this order. This order class brings no title to its bearer.

This award conferred to those who had the high position in the community and served more to Sabah, but has unequal influence and service with the PGDK recipient.


Member of the Order of Kinabalu (Malay: Ahli Darjah Kinabalu) (ADK) is the lowest class of this order, also brings no title like the ASDK recipients. The position, service and influence of this award bearer is lower than the others but higher than the recipients of the Medal of State.


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