Order of Mubarak the Great

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Order of Mubarak the Great
Awarded by  Kuwait
Type Order
Awarded for Heads of State and Royals.
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Grades Collar
Grand Cordon
Next (lower) Order of Kuwait
Order of Mubarak the Great (Kuwait) - ribbon bar.gif
Ribbon bar of the order

The Order of Mubarak the Great (Wisam Mubarak al-Kabir) is a knighthood order of Kuwait.[1]


The Order was founded on 16 July 1974 by the national government to celebrate the memory of Mubarak Al-Sabah called the Great, Sheikh of Kuwait from 1896 to 1915, who succeeded in 1897 in obtaining an independentist recognition from the Ottoman Empire in favour of Kuwait.

Awarded to[edit]

The Order is awarded to Heads of State and foreign Sovereigns and to members of foreign royal families in sign of friendship.


The collar of the Order is composed of a golden medallion with a decorative ring with floral motifs, with a central medallion showing a sailboat (the national emblem of the emirate). The body of the collar is alternating with squares of blue enamel bearing a sailboat and a 10-pointed star in white enamel bearing in the center the monogram of Kuwait.[2]

The ribbon of Grand Cordon is navy blue with white stripes on each side.


  • Collar (Qiladat al-Mubarak al-Kabir) to Heads of State
  • Grand Cordon (Qashah al-Mubarak al-Kabir) to foreign Heirs Apparent and senior Princes

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