Order of Saints Olga and Sophia

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Royal Order of Saints Olga and Sophia
Τάγμα των Αγίων Όλγας και Σοφίας
Order of SS. Olga and Sophia.png
Grand Cross set of the Order
Awarded by
Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Greece (1936-1967).svg
The Head of the Greek Royal Family
Type Dynastic Order
Eligibility Women of the Greek Royal Family
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure for personal services of women to the Crown
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign King Constantine II
Grand Mistress Queen Anne-Marie
Grades Grand Mistress Dame Grand Cross
Dame Grand Cross, Special Class
Dame Grand Cross, 1st Class
Dame Grand Cross
Dame Commander
Dame Officer
First induction 1936 Queen Helen, Queen Mother of Romania
Last induction 2013 Princess Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark
Next (higher) Royal Order of the Redeemer
Next (lower) Royal Order of George I
Same Royal Order of Saints George and Constantine
Royal Order of Saints Olga and Sophia ribbon.png
Ribbon bar of the Order

The Royal Family Order of Saints Olga and Sophia (Greek: Βασιλικό Οικογενειακό Τάγμα των Αγίων Όλγας και Σοφίας) was an order of the Greek royal family. Reserved for women, it was the third highest decoration awarded by the modern Greek state and the Crown after the Order of the Redeemer and the male-only Order of Saints George and Constantine. It was instituted in January 1936 by King George II in the memory of his grandmother (Queen Olga) and his mother (Queen Sophia).

The order was abolished in 1973 by the Greek state and today is awarded only by the head of the former Greek royal family.


  • Grand Cross:
    • Grand Mistress Dame Grand Cross - Exclusively for the Grand Mistress and Former Grand Mistresses
    • Dame Grand Cross, Special Class - For the daughters of the Head of the House as well as foreign female rulers and consorts.
    • Dame Grand Cross, 1st Class - For Greek and Foreign Princesses
    • Dame Grand Cross - For Wives of Greek Princes and Foreign Princesses
  • Dame Commander
  • Dame Officer
  • Dame

Grand Mistresses[edit]


Upon the creation of the Order, Greek Princesses and their daughters were invested in order of precedence.

Other dames[edit]


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