Order of Saint Agatha

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Order of Saint Agatha
Agatha-Orden Stern.jpg
Star of the order
Type State order
Country  San Marino
Awarded for Charitable work in the service of the Republic.
Grandmaster Captains Regent
Secretary Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Next (higher) Order of San Marino
Agatha-Orden Kreuz.jpg
Badge of the order

The Order of Saint Agatha (Italian: Ordine Equestre di Saint' Agata) is a State order established on 5 June 1923 by the Grand and General Council of the Republic of San Marino. It is named after Saint Agatha, on whose feast day 5 February, Pope Clement XII reestablished the sovereignty of the republic in 1740.[2]

The order is presented to foreign nationals who have positively contributed charitable and other services for the benefit of the republic deserving of recognition.


The order is presented in five grades:[2]

  • Grand Cross Cavaliere di gran croce
  • Grand Officer Grande ufficiale
  • Commander Commendatore
  • Officer Cavaliere ufficiale
  • Knight Cavaliere
Ribbon bars of the Order of Saint Agatha
SMR Order of Saint Agatha - Knight BAR.png
SMR Order of Saint Agatha - Officer BAR.png
SMR Order of Saint Agatha - Commander BAR.png
SMR Order of Saint Agatha - Grand Officer BAR.png
Grand Officer
SMR Order of Saint Agatha - Grand Cross BAR.png
Grand Cross


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