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See also Order of Saint Benedict (Orthodox) for information on the Eastern Orthodox order of this name. The Roman Catholic equivalent may be found at the Order of Saint Benedict and the Benedictine Confederation.
St Benedict of Nursia (c. 480-543), detail from a fresco by Fra Angelico, San Marco, Florence (c. 1400-1455).

There are a number of Benedictine Anglican religious orders, some of them using the name Order of St. Benedict (OSB). Just like their Roman Catholic counterparts, each abbey / priory / convent is independent of each other. The vows are not made to an order, but to a local incarnation of the order, hence each individual order is free to develop its own character and charism, yet each under a common rule of life after the precepts of St. Benedict. Most of the communities include a confraternity of oblates. The order consists of a number of independent communities:

OSB Anglican Benedictine communities[edit]


  • St Mark's Abbey, Camperdown, Victoria. Men and women. Founded in 1975, women since 1993.
  • Benedictine Community of Christ the King, Taminick, Victoria. Women. Founded in 1993. A traditional Anglican Benedictine order, enclosed and contemplative. Its members endeavor to glorify God in a life of prayer under the threefold vow of stability, conversion of life, and obedience. They follow a rhythm of life centered on the worship of God in the Daily Eucharist and sevenfold Office.


Republic of Korea

United States

Other Anglican Benedictine communities[edit]

The following abbeys and communities follow the Benedictine Rule, but do not style themselves "OSB".





  • Order of the Holy Paraclete (OHP), Ahinsan. Women. Founded 1915.Overseas, the Order's long-standing commitment to Africa has been extended in exciting new developments: raising awareness of Aids and providing a home for abused girls in Swaziland, and fostering vocations to Religious life in Ghana and South Africa. In response to perceived local interest and support, two new convents have been built, one in Jachie, Ashanti, where there is also an Eye Clinic run by a Ghanaian member, the other in Johannesburg alongside St Benedict's House, the retreat and conference centre run by the Sisters. [5]

South Africa

United States

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