Order of the Umayyads

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Order of the Umayyads
Umayya National Medal (Syria) - Memorial JK - Brasilia - DSC00456.JPG
Awarded by Flag of Syria.svg Syria
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignBashar al-Assad
GradesMember 1st Class
Member 2nd Class
Member 3rd Class
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Hero of the Republic
Order Of Ummayad (Syria) - ribbon bar.gif
Ribbon bar of the order

The Order of the Umayyads (Arabic: وسام أمية الوطني‎) is the highest order of Syria.


The order has been founded on 12 July 1934.[1] It is named after the Umayyad Caliphate which ruled Syria as their main power base, and set Damascus as the capital.


The order is composed of the following classes :

  • Member 1st Class
  • Member 2nd Class
  • Member 3rd Class


  • The sash is green with thin black borders and white stripes.



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