Order of Viesturs

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Order of Viesturs
Viestura ordenis
Viestura ordenis.jpg
Grand Cross of the order with swords
Awarded by  Latvia
Type5 class Order, with three honor medals. Awarded with swords (military) and without (civil).
Awarded formerit in service to the armed forces; safeguarding and strengthening national security and social order; defense of the country's borders.
MottoConfortamini et pugnate
(Be strong and fight)
Established11 August 1938
Next (higher)Order of the Three Stars
Next (lower)Cross of Recognition
LVA Order of Viesturs.png
Ribbon for civil awards
LVA Order of Viesturs (swords).png
Ribbon for military awards

The Order of Viesturs (Latvian: Viestura ordenis) is a Latvian state order founded in 1938, which fell into abeyance during the years of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, but was reestablished in 2004 in the Republic of Latvia. The order is named after the historical figure King Viesturs.

Classes of the Order[edit]

The order is awarded in the following classes:

  • Grand Cross: Cross is worn suspended from a sash worn over the shoulder with a breast star.
  • Grand Officer: Cross is worn suspended from the neck with a breast star
  • Commander: Cross is worn suspended from the neck
  • Officer: Cross is worn suspended from a ribbon with rosette worn on the chest
  • Knight: Cross is worn suspended from a ribbon worn on the chest.

The order also has three medals that may be awarded in the civil or military divisions:

  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal