Order of battle during the Iran–Iraq War

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These are the orders of battle of the Iraqi and Iranian armies for the start of the Iran–Iraq War in 1980. The data is drawn from the Air Combat Information Group's Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf Database.


Iraqi Armed Forces

National Defense Battalions
National Liberation Army of Iran

Iraqi Army[edit]

1st Army Corps (sector between Rawanduz and Marivan)

2nd Army Corps (sector between Qasre-e-Shirin, Ilam, and Mehran, armor deployed between Mehran and Dezful)

3rd Army Corps (HQ al-Qurnah, Iraq) (Sector between Dezful and Abadan)

  • 3rd Armored Division (HQ Tikrit, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • ?10th Armored Division (HQ Baghdad, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 12th Armored Division (HQ Dohuk, Iraq) (Held in Reserve) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 1st Mechanized Division (HQ Divaniyah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)
  • 5th Mechanized Division (HQ Basrah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)
  • 31st Independent Special Forces Brigade (-) (2 battalions) (one was attached to 5th MD, another to 3rd AD),
  • 33rd Independent Special Forces Brigade
  • 10th Independent Armored Brigade (T-72) (BMP-1)
  • 12th Independent Armored Brigade (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 113th Infantry Brigade (Detachments) (From 11th Infantry Division)


Iranian Armed Forces

Badr Brigade

Iranian Army[edit]

Units Garrisoned along the Iraqi Border

Iranian Navy[edit]

Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran)[edit]

Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


  1. ^ Including Army Aviation forces.
  2. ^ Including Air Defense forces.
  3. ^ Including Navy Aviation forces.
  4. ^ Basij was initially an independent organization and on 17 February 1981 it was officially incorporated into the Revolutionary Guards organization structure by the Iranian Parliament.[1]


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