Order of battle for the Spring Offensive

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German Spring Offensive, 1918
Part of the Western Front of World War I
Western front 1918 german.jpg
German gains in 1918
Date 21 March – 18 July 1918
Location Northern France; West Flanders, Belgium
50°00′10″N 02°39′10″E / 50.00278°N 2.65278°E / 50.00278; 2.65278Coordinates: 50°00′10″N 02°39′10″E / 50.00278°N 2.65278°E / 50.00278; 2.65278
Result See Aftermath section

 German Empire

France France United Kingdom British Empire

 United States
Italy Italy

Portugal Portugal
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Erich Ludendorff

France Ferdinand Foch
United Kingdom Douglas Haig
France Philippe Pétain
United States John Pershing Italy Alberico Albricci

Portugal Tamagnini de Abreu

This is the order of battle for Operation Michael, part of the German Spring Offensive fought from 21 March to 5 April 1918 as one of the main engagements of the First World War. It was fought between mixed French, British and Dominion forces and the German Empire in the Somme region in northern France.

German forces, Western Front[edit]

Army Group Crown Prince Rupprecht[edit]

Army Group German Crown Prince[edit]

Army Group Gallwitz[edit]

Army Group Duke Albrecht[edit]

British Fifth and Third armies[edit]

Fifth Army[edit]

General Sir Hubert Gough

US Army
  • 6th Battalion United States (railway) Engineers (2 companies)[3]

Third Army[edit]

General Hon. Sir Julian Byng

French Group of Armies of Reserve[edit]

General Émile Fayolle

Third Army[edit]

General Georges Louis Humbert

  • V Corps (General Pellé)
  • 125th Division (from 22 March)
  • 1st Dismouted Cavalry Division (from 23 March)
  • 9th Division (from 23 March)
  • 10th Division (from 23 March)
  • 55th Division (from 24 March)
  • 1st Division (from 25 March)
  • 35th Division (from 25 March)
  • 53rd Division (part, from 26 March)
  • 77th Division (part, from 26 March)
  • II Cavalry Corps (General Robillot)[Note 1]
  • 22nd Division (from 24 March)
  • 62nd Division (from 24 March)

First Army[edit]

General Marie-Eugène Debeney

  • 56th Division (from 25 March)
  • II Cavalry Corps[Note 2]
  • 1st Cavalry Division (from 26 March)
  • 5th Cavalry Division (from 26 March)
  • 6th Cavalry Division (from 27 March)[4]


  1. ^ Staff only[4]
  2. ^ Divisions were deployed separately[4]



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