Order of battle of the Armée d'Orient (1798)

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General Bonaparte and staff in Egypt

The Armée d'Orient (English: Army of the Orient) was the French military force gathered by the French Directory to send on the expedition to Egypt in 1798. The expedition had the intention of barring Great Britain's route to its colonies in India and was put under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte. Also known as Battle of Orient.

Land forces[edit]

Compagnie des guides[edit]

  • Numbers: 500 men on foot and on horseback

Division Desaix[edit]

Division Reynier[edit]

Division Kleber[edit]

Division Menou[edit]

Division Bon[edit]

Division Dumas (cavalry)[edit]

Division Dommartin (Artillery)[edit]

  • Commander of the artillery: Général Dommartin
  • Firepower: 171 artillery pieces, including:
  • Numbers: 3150 men
  • Split between:
    • 5 cavalry companies
    • 14 infantry companies
    • 9 companies of demi-brigades

Division Caffarelli (engineers)[edit]

Garrison troops[edit]

  • Corsica: 3600 men of:
    • 23e demi-brigade d'infanterie légère: 3 battalions, totalling 2500 men
    • 1er bataillon de la 86e demi-brigades d'infanterie de ligne: 1 battalion, totalling 1100 men
  • Malta: 8000 men
    • Division Chabot: 4000 men of:
      • 6e demi-brigade d'infanterie de ligne: 3 battalions, totalling 1000 men
      • 79e demi-brigade d'infanterie de ligne: 3 battalions, totalling 3000 men
    • Division Vaubois: 4000 men of
      • 3e bataillon de la 7e demi-brigade d'infanterie légère: 1 battalion, totalling 1150 men
      • 19e demi-brigade d'infanterie de ligne: 2 battalions, totalling 1050 men
      • 1er bataillon de la 80e demi-brigade d'infanterie de ligne: 1 battalion, totalling 550 men
      • Various elements drawn from 6e and 41e demi-brigade d'infanterie de ligne as well as from 23e demi-brigade d'infanterie légère: 1200 men

Sea forces[edit]

Known as the Escadre d'Orient, the ships of the taskforce transported the land troops and at times during the campaign operated in tandem with them.

  • Commanded by admiral Brueys
  • Numbers: 335 boats, of which only 55 were armed

Ships of the line[edit]

15, of which 2 were armed "en flûte"


13 (7 armed "en flûte")


References and notes[edit]

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