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In 1917, five years after the death of the founder of the Salvation Army William Booth, his son, General Bramwell Booth, inaugurated the Order of the Founder to recognise Salvationists who had rendered distinguished service, such as would have specially commended itself to the Founder.[1]

The first awards were made in 1920 to 15 officers and one soldier. Three years later, seven officers and one local officer were honored, but since then the awards have been made much more sparingly and, to date, 104 officers and 106 lay Salvationists have been recognised with the Army's highest honor, a mere 210 in total over 83 years.

The first presentation was to a soldier, Private Herbert Bourne, for outstanding Christian witness and service during military service in the First World War. A few senior leaders like Commissioner T. Henry Howard, General Evangeline Booth and Commissioner Catherine Bramwell-Booth have been picked out but. much more commonly, faithful and devoted service by less well known personalities has been acknowledged.

Some of the early awards went to people in the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, France and the United States, but very quickly recipients from Japan, Guyana, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, China and Norway were picked out. New Zealand has probably had a higher than average recognition for the size of its population, but other territories such as Korea, South America West and Zimbabwe have also been featured.

The honor is rarely given because every nomination is carefully and painstakingly scrutinised by a panel of senior leaders at IHQ. Salvationists have every reason to be proud of those who have been awarded this outstanding recognition for meritorious Christian example, witness and service.

The recipients of the order are:

Name Rank Region Date
ADAMS Bernard Colonel British Territory 1975
ALEXANDER Alex Major British Territory 1926
ANDERSON Mary Major Australia Southern 1944
BECQUET Henri L Lt-Commissioner Belgium 1955
BEEK Anna M. J. A Colonel The Netherlands 1990
BENACK George Captain USA Eastern 1920
BENJAMIN Ruth (Mrs) Major Bermuda 1982
BLANCO Atanasio Envoy South America East 1971
BLOWERS Arthur R Commissioner British Territory 1937
BOIJE Helmy Staff-Captain Finland 1920
BOMAN Gustaf E Sweden 1924
BURROWS Eva General (Rtd) Australia 2015
BOOTH Evangeline C Commander - in - Chief USA 1930
BOOTH-HELLBERG Lucy (Mrs) Commissioner British Territory 1933
BOOTH-TUCKER Frederick Commissioner India 1920
BOSSHARDT Alida M Major The Netherlands 1962
BOURN Herbert J British Territory 1920
BOYD John (Sir) British Territory 1981
BRADWELL Cyril Corps Sergeant Major (Rtd) New Zealand and Fiji 1993
BRAMWELL- BOOTH Catherine Commissioner British Territory 1983
BRAUND Ralph C YPSM Canada 1940
BRENGLE Samuel L Commissioner USA Eastern 1935
BROKENSHIRE Nora Brigadier Canada 1964
BROUWER Jacob G Lt-Colonel The Netherlands 1931
BROWN Jean (Mrs) Envoy Canada and Bermuda 1978
BROWN Cecil Major USA Southern 1947
BROWN Jean Major Canada and Bermuda 1988
BUICK Steven Envoy New Zealand 1925
BURROWS Eva General (Rtd) Australia Southern 2015
BURTON Kenneth CSM USA Eastern 2004
BYWATERS Stella Brigadier Australia Southern 1978
CANNELL Thomas H Corps Secretary British Territory 1932
CARLETON John A. Commissioner British Territory 1920
CARREL Francoise Adjutant France 1920
CARROLL Mary Jane Corps Sergeant Major British Territory 1955
CASTILLO Ambrose Sergeant South America East 1965
CHANDLER W. George Corps Sergeant Major British Territory 1949
CHU Suet-King Envoy Hong Kong 1976
CODOY Carolina (Mrs) The Philippines 2000
COLLETT Richard Envoy Australia 2007
COLLEY William Envoy New Zealand 1943
COLLIER Delilah (Mrs) Home League Secretary USA Eastern 2002
COOK A. Bramwell (Dr) Lt-Commissioner New Zealand and Fiji 1983
COX Sydney W Bandmaster British Territory 1942
COX Kathryn Major USA Southern 2000
COXHEAD Frederick J Corps Sergeant Major British Territory 1931
CROCKER James Envoy Australia Eastern 1960
CROCKER Tom Senior-Captain USA Central 1952
DALZIEL Geoffrey Australia 2005
DARTHUAMA Pu India Eastern 2000
DAVIDOVITCH Nina Eastern Europe 2005
DAVIES Bessie (Mrs) British Territory 1927
de NESFIELD Odessa Marshall Corps Sergeant Major Latin America North 1991
DeARMAN Billie Jean Major USA Southern 1992
DEGOUMOIS Lydia Sergeant France 1967
DEWE Herbert Corps Sergeant Major New Zealand 1969
DINSDALE George Corps Sergeant Major Canada 1944
DOCTER Robert (Dr) Corps Sergeant Major USA Western 1992
DUNLAP Eva Sister USA Eastern 1946
FAGERLIE Martin Brigadier Norway 1953
FITCH Polly Sister Canada 1943
FLINN William Bandmaster USA Western 2015
FOSTER George Bandmaster USA Eastern 1951
FRASER Jeannie (Mrs) Corps Treasurer (Rtd) Scotland 1979
FULLER George W Colonel British Territory 1943
FULLER Rebecca (Mrs) Corps Secretary South Africa 1966
FURSENKO Vladimir Mikhailovich Russia 1993
GALE Laura Brigadier British Territory 1976
GARIEPY Henry Colonel USA Eastern 2007
GAUGLER Lucie Captain France 1920
GEBBIE Eleanor Brigadier British Territory 1973
GEDDES Charles M Brigadier Australia Eastern 1976
GOGIBUS Georgette Major France 1958
GOKSOYR Jorun Major Norway, Iceland & Færoes 2001
GOODING Edward Corps Sergeant Major USA Eastern 1980
GORDON Annie Major New Zealand 1945
GORE John Adjutant Australia Southern 1924
GORSKA Marija Major Sweden and Latvia 1991
GOVAARS Gerrit J Colonel Holland 1947
GREEN Jack Bandmaster Canada and Bermuda 1978
GREEN Thomas Envoy British Territory 1923
GUERRERO Raul USA Western 2001
HARTMAN Karin Lt-Colonel Sweden 2001
HAZELL George Envoy Australia Eastern 1993
HED Per Brigadier Sweden 1920
HERJE Anne Kristine Major Norway 2004
HIGGINS Ernest D Lt-Colonel USA Western 1954
HILE Kenneth Corps Treasurer (Rtd) Australia Eastern 1980
HIMES William F Bandmaster USA Central 2000
HINE Catherine Adjutant British Territory 1920
HODGE Thomas Corps Sergeant Major Australia Eastern 1925
HODGEN Jeanetta Major USA Western 1944
HOLLAND Arthur Commissioner British Territory 1991
HOLZ E. R. (Mrs) Brigadier USA Southern 1987
HOPPER Keith Envoy Australia Eastern 1978
HUDSON Bramwell YPSM Newfoundland East 1970
HOWARD T. Henry Commissioner British Territory 1920
IRWIN John Brigadier Australia Eastern 1970
IWASA Rin (Dr) Adjutant Japan 1923
JENSON Henry Kragh Bandmaster Denmark 1962
JEWKES Frederick E Colonel British Territory 1961
JOHANSSON Gustaf Sweden 1924
JOHNSON Warren Corps Sergeant Major USA Western Territory 2012
JONES Iris Divisional Envoy British Territory 2015
JONES Noel Bandmaster Australia Southern 2014
JONSSON Hulda Brigadier Sweden 1977
JOSEPH Hendrik Mangindaan Envoy Indonesia 1970
KHUMA Kawl Lt-Colonel India North Eastern 1966
KHUMALO Mzilikazi South Africa 2001
KIM Hyun-Sook Envoy Korea 1990
KIRBY Leonard Colonel Canada and Bermuda 1982
KIRBY Leonard Major Canada and Bermuda 1972
KIVINIEMI Julia Corps Secretary Finland 1972
KJØLNER Egil Corps Sergeant Major Norway 1984
KNIGHTLEY Brian Lt-Colonel UK 2004
KNIGHTLEY Dorothy Lt-Colonel UK 2004
KORBEL Josef Brigadier Czechoslovakia 1990
KRIDER George Corps Treasurer USA Eastern 1985
KRISTANO Ajub Corps Sergeant Major Indonesia 1974
KROEKER Levina Lt-Colonel Canada and Bermuda 1990
KUNZ Victor (Dr) Corps Sergeant Major Switzerland 1953
LALZUALA Corps Sergeant Major India Eastern 1993
LAMB David C Commissioner Scotland and Ireland 1939
LARSSON Karl Commissioner Sweden 1949
LAUDUN Ferraez (Mrs Ruby) Soldier USA Southern 1983
LAUTIER Marguerite Major France 2000
LEWIS Mother Ida USA Central 1944
LJUNGQVIST Erik Corps Sergeant Major Sweden 1952
LORD Olive Envoy New Zealand 1969
LUCAS Bramwell Colonel Australia Eastern 2001
McArthur Robert (Bob) and Shirley Canada and Bermuda 2010
McBRIDE Donald G Corps Sergeant Major Canada and Bermuda 1988
McBRIDE H. Joan (Mrs) Canada and Bermuda 1988
McCLINTOCK Walter Envoy USA Central 1988
MacFARLANE James Corps Sergeant Major Canada and Bermuda 1975
McILVEEN Arthur W Brigadier Australia Eastern 1967
McKENZIE William Lt-Colonel Australia Southern 1920
McLEOD Norman Staff Bandmaster Australia Southern 1955
MANSON William Captain British Territory 1920
MARSDAL Bård Corps Sergeant Major Norway 1972
MARSHALL George Bandmaster British Territory 1951
MATSUDA Sanya (Dr) Japan 1924
MATUNJWA Joel Mbambo Major South Africa 1942
MEECH Alice Corps Treasurer British Territory 1961
MERRITT Violet Brigadier British Territory 2000
MILANS Henry F USA 1942
MOORE May (Mrs) Senior Field-Captain Canada 1971
MORGAN Harold Bandmaster (Rtd) Australia Eastern 1981
NDODA David Elijah Zenzeleni Envoy Zimbabwe 1997
NELANDER Eric Corps Sergeant Major Sweden 1974
NERY Jorge Lt-Colonel South America West 1978
NEWTON Charles Field-Adjutant Canada 1946
NGUGI Joshua Commissioner East Africa 1998
NHARI Lilian (Mrs) Brigadier Rhodesia 1976
NISIEWICZ Mary Brigadier USA Eastern 1979
NKU IMBIE David (Dr) D.R. Congo 2018
NOBLE William A (Dr) Colonel USA Southern 1957
OHARA Tamokichi Envoy Japan 1961
ORELLANA Luis Envoy South America West 1962
OSBORNE James Commissioner USA Southern 2014
OSBORNE Ruth Commissioner USA Southern 2014
OUCHTERLONY Hanna Commissioner Sweden 1923
OVESEN Emil Staff-Captain Norway 1925
OZANNE Marie Major British Territory 1947
PACQUETTE Catherine Major Caribbean 2006
PAIGE Clara YPSM USA Southern 1989
PALMER Robert Henry Envoy Australia Southern 1952
PARSELL Lily May (Mrs) Corps Sergeant Major Australia Southern 1984
PATHAM Yesu (Walter Keil) Lt-Colonel India Western 1923
PEACOCKE Elizabeth Brigadier Canada and Bermuda 2000
PEDERSEN Victor Barrett Brigadier Australia Southern 1999
PEDLAR Edwin Clendennam Envoy Canada 1945
PEETERMAN Gerardus C Envoy Holland 1940
PERIESWAMI Saratha Lt-Colonel Burma 1989
PESATORI Mario Staff-Captain Italy 1928
POTTINGER Hester Guard Leader USA Central 1974
PUNCHARD Alfred W National Bandmaster British Territory 1937
PURDUE Gertrude Brigadier USA South 2005
PURKIS Daniel Ensign British Territory 1920
RADER Damon Lt-Colonel USA Eastern 2002
RADER Lyell Lt-Colonel USA Eastern 1984
RANDALL Edward G Envoy Australia Eastern 1981
RASMUSSEN Tora E Major Denmark 1992
RICE R. Eugene Lieut-Colonel USA West 2004
RICHES Lucy Sister British Territory 1976
RIDGERS Pamela (Mrs) Over-60 Club Secretary British Territory 1981
RIVE Faye Lieut-Colonel New Zealand and Fiji 2004
RIVE Lance Lieut-Colonel New Zealand and Fiji 2004
RIVE Philip Lt-Colonel New Zealand and Fiji 1988
RIVITT Dolores Major USA Western 2000
ROBB Anita (Mrs) Colonel USA Central 2001
RODIN Bertil CSM Latvia 2003
RÖMHILD E YPSM Denmark 1939
ROSTETT Henry T Lt-Colonel USA Central 1976
RUSSELL Mina Lt-Colonel USA Eastern 1992
SATTERFIELD Julius M Brigadier USA Southern 1954
SAULNIER Mary Canada and Bermuda 2000
SCHOCH Ruth Major Switzerland 1996
SCHRALE Ids Klaas Envoy The Netherlands 1956
SEGAWA Yasowa Colonel Japan 1968
SEILS Else (Mrs) Colonel Germany 1986
SERVAIS Muilton Eli Corps Sergeant Major USA Southern 1991
SHEPHERD William Envoy Australia Eastern 1925
SIBILIN Marie Corps Sergeant Major Switzerland 1939
SIGLEY Hilda Major Australia 2004
SIGSWORTH Alice Senior - Major British Territory 1956
SIMMONS Cyril J Corps Sergeant Major (Rtd) Canada and Bermuda 1981
SINCLAIR John Corps Sergeant Major Scotland 1968
SIPLEY Clifton Brigadier USA Eastern 1996
SLATER Richard Lt-Colonel British Territory 1923
SMITH J. Allister Colonel British Territory 1923
SMITH Jane (Mrs) Sister Scotland 1959
SORENSON Helen J (Mrs) Corps Treasurer USA Central 1972
SOUTER George Colonel British Territory 1929
STAIGER Frank O Corps Sergeant Major (Rtd) USA Central 1981
STAINES Alan Envoy Australia 2007
STEADMAN-ALLEN Ray Lt-Colonel British Territory 2006
STEVENS Arthur James Divisional Bandmaster Australia Southern 1949
STEWART Christine Ensign British Territory 1920
STICKELLS Elizabeth Jane (Mrs) Sister Canada 1923
STILLWELL Harry B Bandmaster (Rtd) USA Western 1983
STIMPSON Alfred Corps Treasurer British Territory 1933
STYLES Mary Brigadier South Africa 1965
SU Chien-Chi Major Northern China 1946
SUGHANANTHAM Grace Mrs Commissioner India South Eastern 1988
THAIN Alex Bandmaster Scotland 1968
THANGKIMA C. Corps Sergeant Major India Northern 1990
THOMPSON (Mrs) Joseph Sister New Zealand 1951
THÖRNKVIST Hubert Brigadier Sweden 1960
TOFT Ester (Mrs) Colonel Sweden 1920
TURNER John William Bandmaster Australia Southern 1946
TWITCHIN Herbert W Bandmaster British Territory 1939
VALLENTGOED, Helena Dehaas Holland 1949
VENABLES Lily YPSM British Territory 1979
VICTOR N. L. Corps Sergeant Major India Central Territory 2013
VIVANTE Armand (Dr) Envoy South America East 1980
von WATTENWYL Christine Lt-Colonel Switzerland 1964
WALKER Wilbur Envoy Australia Eastern 1990
WALKLEY Maud (Mrs) Home League Secretary British Territory 1963
WARREN Mary Sister British Territory 1960
WEBB Joy Major British Territory 2004
WELLS Bertram Adjutant British Territory 1923
WHANG Sook Hyun Envoy Korea 1971
WHITE Polly Sister British Territory 1940
WILLCOX Harvey Stanley Sgt British Territory 1944
WILLE Vilhelm Major Denmark 1920
WILLIAMS Harry Commissioner UK 2005
YAMAMURO Gunpei Commissioner Japan 1937
YEE Check Lt-Colonel USA Western 1997
YIN Hung-Shun Major China 1990
ZIMMERMAN Emma Major Caribbean 2000


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