Order of the Francisque

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Official emblem of Marshal Pétain and de facto coat of arms of the Vichy regime.

The Order of the Gallic Francisque is an order and medal which was awarded by the Vichy Regime, the Nazi-aligned government of France during World War II.

The order was created by the arrêtés of 26 May, 1941, the law of 16 May, 1941 and the decrees of 14 March, 1942 and 31 July, 1942.

The Francisque was the personal symbol of Philippe Pétain, Marshal of France and Head of State.

Although the personal symbol of Philippe Pétain, the francisque was gradually used on official documents as the coat of arms of the Vichy regime.


Although called francisque, the medal and generally speaking the symbol used on official document is a labrys.

Notable holders[edit]

At least, 2626 persons received the order of the Francisque.[1] The official number remains unknown as the archives listing all the holders burnt at the end of the Second World War. The holders include:


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