Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour

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Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour
Orden junaka socijalistickog rada.jpg
Order of the Hero of Socialist labour badge and ribbon bar
CountrySFR Yugoslavia
TypeOrder of merit with one degree
EligibilityYugoslav citizens
Awarded forOutstanding achievements in national economy and culture
Established8 December 1948[1]
First awarded1949
Last awarded1987
Total awarded121
Josip Broz Tito
Edvard Kardelj
Aleksandar Ranković
Next (higher)Order of the People's Hero
Next (lower)Order of the People's Liberation
Order of the Hero of socialist labour Rib.png

Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour (Serbo-Croatian: Orden junaka socijalističkog rada, Slovene: Red junaka socialističnega dela, Macedonian: Орден на јунак на социјалистичката работа) was the fourth highest state decoration awarded in Yugoslavia.[2][3] It was awarded to Yugoslav citizens, companies and sports teams for outstanding achievements in their professional work.[1] The order was awarded a total of 121 times until 1987.[1] After the dissolution of SFR Yugoslavia the decoration was discontinued.[4]

Along with the order, the recipient was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labour (Serbo-Croatian: Junak socijalističkog rada, Slovene: Junak socialističnega dela, Macedonian: Jунак на социјалистичката работа).


The Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour was formally established on 8 December 1948 as the Yugoslav equivalent to the Soviet title of Hero of Socialist Labour. The order was officially bestowed by the President of Yugoslavia.[5]

First recipient of the order was Moša Pijade, in 1949. Only two people were awarded the order twice - Edvard Kardelj (in 1955 and posthumously in 1979) and Đuro Pucar (in 1955 and posthumously in 1979). Five women received the award - Spasenija Cana Babović, Anka Berus, Lidija Šentjurc, Vida Tomšič and Ida Sabo. The only foreigner who received the award was President of Romania and General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, Nicolae Ceaușescu, who received the award in January 1978.


The Order was awarded a total of 121 times until 1987. Some of the notable recipients are:

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