Order of the Norwegian Lion

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This article is about the Order of the Norwegian Lion. For other uses, see Order of the Lion.
Order of the Norwegian Lion
Den norske løve
Kraschan Norska Lejonets orden - Livrustkammaren - 22496.tif
Star of the Order of the Norwegian Lion
Award of  Norway
Type Single grade Order of knighthood
Ribbon NorwegianLion.ribbon.jpg
Status repealed by Court resolution 11 March 1952
Established 21 January 1904
Last induction 10 September 1904
Next (higher) none
Next (lower) Order of St. Olav
Related Order of the Seraphim
Den Norske Løve.png
Badge of the order

The Order of the Norwegian Lion was a Norwegian order of knighthood established by King Oscar II of Norway on 21 January 1904, "in memory of the glorious events associated with Norway’s venerable Coat of Arms".[1]

The order was established as an equivalent in rank to the Swedish Order of the Seraphim as knights of the Norwegian Order of St. Olav ranked below the knights of the Seraphim in the shared Swedo-Norwegian Royal court. However the expansion of the Norwegian honours system received mixed reactions amongst Norwegian politicians.

The Union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved in 1905 before any Norwegian knights had been appointed and King Haakon VII of Norway chose not to appoint any new knights. King Haakon VII formally repealed the order in a Court resolution on 11 March 1952. The last living knight was Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden who died in 1973.

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King Oscar II with the ribbon and star of the order