Order of the Republic (Sierra Leone)

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Order of the Republic
Awarded by The President of Sierra Leone
Country Sierra Leone
Awarded forValuable services to Sierra Leone.
Next (higher)Order of the Rokel
Next (lower)Presidential Award
Order of Merit for Defence - Knight (Brazil) - ribbon bar.png

The Order of the Republic is a decoration established by President Siaka Stevens to honour Sierra Leoneans and foreign nationals for distinguished and dedicated service to Sierra Leone.[1][2] It is awarded annually by the President of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leonean awards, including the Order of the Rokel, do not have post-nominal titles, and while there are no official abbreviations, the most common are GCRSL (Grand Commander), CRSL (Commander), ORSL (Officer) and MRSL (Member).[2]


It was established in 1972 by then-President of Sierra Leone, Siaka Stevens, and comprises four classes across both civil and military divisions.


The order is composed of the following classes of merit:[3][2]

  • Grand Commander (GCRSL)
  • Commander (CRSL)
  • Officer (ORSL)
  • Member (MRSL)


  • The ribbon has three vertical stripes: green, white, and blue, representing the colors of the Flag of Sierra Leone.

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