Order of the Two Rivers

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Order of the Two Rivers
Awarded by Kings of Iraq,
Presidents of Iraq
MottoJustice is the Foundation of the State
EligibilityIraqi nationals or anyone who provides service to Iraq
Awarded forA national order of chivalry
Grades1st Class (Grand Cross)
2nd Class
3rd Class
4th Class
5th Class
Order of the Two Rivers - Military (Iraq) - ribbon bar.png
Ribbon bar of the order (military division)
Ribbon bar of the order (civil division)

The Order of the Two Rivers (Wisam Al Rafidain) was an Order awarded by the Kings of Iraq and then the Presidents of Iraq.


It was named after the two rivers the Euphrates and the Tigris that flow through the middle of the country.

It was initially awarded by the kings of Iraq between 1922 when the monarchy was established, and 1958 when the monarchy ended. It was continued by the presidents of Iraq through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.


It had five classes and two divisions (military and civil).[1]


Some of the recipients of the order include:

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