Orders, decorations, and medals of Zimbabwe

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The Zimbabwean honours system was instituted in late 1980 to replace the Rhodesian honours system. The first award that was instituted was the Independence Medal, which was awarded to those who were involved in the Zimbabwean independence commemorations in some way. The Zimbabwean honours system includes a range of orders, gallantry decorations, gallantry medals, and service medals.[1]

National orders[edit]

Bravery awards[edit]

Commemorative awards[edit]

  • Liberation Decoration (Zimbabwe) - ribbon bar.png Liberation Decoration
  • Liberation Medal (Zimbabwe) - ribbon bar.png Liberation Medal
  • Zimbabwe Independence medal.gif Independence Medal
  • The Mozambique Campaign Medal
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo Campaign Medal

Service awards[edit]

  • Long and Exemplary Service Medal
  • Public Service Long Service Medal (Zimbabwe) - ribbon bar.png Public Service Long Service Medal
  • Efficiency Medal
  • President's Medal for Shooting
  • Service Medal


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