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Ordet Co., Ltd.
Business corporation
Industry Animation studio and production enterprise
Founded August 2007
Founders Yutaka Yamamoto
Headquarters Miyakojima, Osaka
Key people
Yutaka Yamamoto
Representative director
Number of employees
1 (approximately)[citation needed]
Parent Ultra Super Pictures[1]
Website http://www.ordet.jp

Ordet Co., Ltd. (株式会社Ordet (オース) Kabushiki-gaisha Ōsu?) is a Japanese animation studio, founded in 2007 by ex-Animation Do director Yutaka Yamamoto and other staff. The origin of company name is WORD in Danish. The company initially served as a subcontractor before producing their first fully solo work, an OVA episode of Black Rock Shooter, which aired in the spring of 2010.[2] This was followed up with an 8-episode series that aired on noitamina from February 2, 2012 to March 22, 2012.


Ordet was founded in 2007 by Yutaka Yamamoto after being fired by his former employer Animation Do during the production of Lucky Star.[3] After Lucky Star completed its run, several members of the Kyoto Animation staff left the company and followed Yamamoto. Together, they founded Ordet with approximately ¥ 3 million of capital stock.[4]


Former staffs
  • Yutaka Yamamoto - Company representative director, founder, staff director
  • Shinobu Yoshioka - Staff director
  • Satoshi Kadowaki - Animation director, key animator
  • Emi Kesamaru - Art settings, background artist
  • Yoko Takada - Key animator


TV series[edit]





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