Ordinary Heroes (album)

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Ordinary Heroes
Studio album by Howard Jones
Released 9 November 2009
Genre Pop
Length 41:57
Label DTox
Producer Robbie Bronnimann
Howard Jones chronology
Live in Birkenhead
Ordinary Heroes

Ordinary Heroes is the ninth studio album by the British Pop musician Howard Jones, released on 9 November 2009. [1][2] A simpler album production than the previous release Revolution of the Heart was present here. Strings and piano dominate, and while there are some upbeat tracks, the album has a mellow, mature atmosphere. Some of the tracks were performed with the Morrison Orpheus Choir in St David's Hall in Cardiff at a special one off gig.

Track listing[edit]

  • Standard Version
  1. "Straight Ahead" (Howard Jones, Cori Josias) – 4:13
  2. "Say It Like You Mean It" (Jones, Josias) – 3:35
  3. "Someone You Need" (Jones, Duncan Sheik, Martha Schuyler Thompson) – 3:31
  4. "Collective Heartbeat" (Jones) – 3:48
  5. "Fight On" (Jones) – 4:06
  6. "Even If I Don't Say" (Jones, Josias) – 3:50
  7. "Ordinary Heroes" (Jones, Josias) – 4:33
  8. "You Knew Us So Well" (Jones) – 4:55
  9. "Love Never Wasted" (Jones) – 4:48
  10. "Soon You'll Go" (Jones, Josias) – 4:38

A limited edition 2CD pack was sold exclusively by Jones' website. The second disc included piano and vocal versions of each track from the standard album, plus two additional songs.[3]

  • Bonus Disc
  1. "Straight Ahead"
  2. "Say It Like You Mean It"
  3. "Someone You Need"
  4. "Collective Heartbeat"
  5. "Fight On"
  6. "Even If I Don't Say"
  7. "Ordinary Heroes"
  8. "You Knew Us So Well"
  9. "Love Never Wasted"
  10. "Soon You'll Go"
  11. "Your Heart Has Won" (Jones) - 3:47
  12. "Love Never Wasted (Revisted)" - 4:57