Ordo urbium nobilium

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Ordo Urbium Nobilium is a Latin poem in dactylic hexameter by Decimus Magnus Ausonius.

It was written after a journey Ausonius took through the Roman empire between years 388 and 390 CE.

The book listed brief descriptions of the major cities of the Roman Empire and ranks them from the most important to the least important.

The ranking is as follows:

1. Roma.

2,3. Constantinopolis and Carthago (Carthage).

4,5. Antiochia (Antioch on the Orontes) and Alexandria.

6. Treveris (Trier).

7. Mediolanum (Milan).

8. Capua.

9. Aquileia.

10. Arelas (Arles).

11,12,13,14. Hispalis/Emerita (Seville and Mérida), Corduba (Córdoba), Tarraco (Tarragona) and Bracara (Braga).

15. Athenae (Athens).

16,17. Catana (Catania) and Syracusae (Siracusa).

18. Tolosa (Toulouse).

19. Narbona (Narbonne).

20. Burdigala (Bordeaux).

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