Ordre du Nichan El-Anouar

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Ordre du Nichan El-Anouar
Nichan el Anouar.jpg
Awarded by  France
TypeOrder with five degrees:
Grand-croix (grand cross)
Grand officier (grand officer)
Commandeur (commander)
Officier (officer)
Chevalier (knight)
StatusDeprecated 3 December 1963 by the Ordre National du Mérite
EstablishedOctober 1887
Next (higher)Médaille militaire
EquivalentOrdre National du Mérite
Next (lower)Croix de guerre
JM Abdul Aziz (center medal)

The Ordre du Nichan El-Anouar (Arabic: Order of the Light) was established in 1887 as a colonial order of merit of the Tajurah sultanate in French Somaliland.

Notable recipients[edit]


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