Ordubad District

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Ordubad Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Ordubad rayon
Population (1999 census): 40,600
Area (km2.): 970
Telephone Code: 036
Zip Code: AZ6900
Capital: Ordubad

Ordubad is a rayon of Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Its capital city of the same name is the second largest town in Nakhchivan. In addition Ordubad Rayon includes 47 villages and settlements.


Ordubad is a name of Turco-Persian origin and means "city of army" (from Turkic ordu (army) and Persian bad (city)), which implies that the city was founded during the period of the Mongol or the ensuing Il-Khanid rule.[1]


Ordubad region was a part of the khanates of Erivan and Nakhchivan, which were dependencies of Qajar empire, with Ordubad forming the main town of the district of Aza-Jeran in the eastern part of the khanate of Nakhchivan.[1] After the Russo-Persian War and the Turkmanchay Treaty of 1828, the region was ceded to Imperial Russia, and became a part of Nakhchivan Uyezd of Erivan Governorate. Since 1921 Ordubad was a part of Nakhchivan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which in 1990 became the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within the Azerbaijan Republic.


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Coordinates: 38°54′N 46°02′E / 38.900°N 46.033°E / 38.900; 46.033