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This article is about the November 6, 2007 special elections in the Oregon. For general information on elections in the state, please see Elections in Oregon.
Oregon's elections are conducted by mail, and are accompanied by a Voters' Pamphlet like the one pictured here.

The November 6, 2007, Special Election, was an off-year election in which no members of the Congress, statewide offices, or members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly were scheduled for election. However, two statewide measures were referred by the legislature to the 2007 November Special Election ballot. While there were only two issues on the ballot, they touched on important enough issues that they attracted one hundred seventy-five arguments in total, both in favor of, and against them in the voter's pamphlet.

October 16 was the last day someone could have registered to vote in this election if this was their first time voting in Oregon. Because of a new centralized voter registration database, a voter previously registered could still move within the state, and could change their address until Election Day at 8 pm and still vote.[1]

Ballot measures[edit]

Measure 49[edit]

Modifies Measure 37; clarifies right to build homes; limits large developments; protects farms, forests, groundwater.

Oregon 2007 Measure 49.svg
Measure 49[2]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 718,023 62.15
No 437,351 37.85
Invalid or blank votes 7,836 0.68
Total votes 1,155,374 100.00

Measure 50[edit]

Amends Constitution: Dedicates funds to provide health care for children, fund tobacco prevention, through increased tobacco tax..

Oregon 2007 Measure 50.svg
Measure 50[2]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 686,470 59.25
Yes 472,063 40.75
Invalid or blank votes 4,677 0.40
Total votes 1,158,533 100.00

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