Oregon Department of Agriculture

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Oregon Department of Agriculture
Seal of the Oregon Department of Agriculture
Agency overview
Headquarters 635 Capitol St. NE
Salem, Oregon
Employees 604
Annual budget $75.1 million
Agency executive
  • Katy Coba, Director
Website Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is the agency of the government of the U.S. state of Oregon responsible for promoting and regulating food production and safety. It is headed by the Director of Agriculture, appointed by the Governor of Oregon subject to senate confirmation, advised by a board of ten members, also gubernatorial appointees. Through its nine divisions, it administers no fewer than 36 chapters of Oregon laws. [1]

Established as the State Department of Agriculture (SDA) in 1931 by an act of the Oregon Legislative Assembly which consolidated a patchwork of state programs and bureaus.[2][3]

Its legislatively adopted budget for the 2003–2005 biennium was $75.1 million.[4]


The Department is under the direction and supervision of a Director of Agriculture, who is appointed by the Governor of Oregon. The Director is assisted in managing the Department by a Deputy Director and two Assistant Directors.

State Board of Agriculture[edit]

The Oregon State Board of Agriculture advises the Director and the Department regarding the implementation, administration and enforcement of Department programs and the development of Department policies designed improve the agricultural industry in the State. The State Board of Agriculture is composed of ten members. The Governor of Oregon appoints nine of the board members and the chair of Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Commission serves as the tenth member. The director of the Director and the dean of the College of Agriculture at Oregon State University, serve as ex-officio members.

Internal Structure[edit]

  • State Board of Agriculture
  • Director of Agriculture
    • Deputy Director
      • Administration Area
        • Office of the Director
        • Information Office
        • Administrative Services
        • Farm Mediation and Price Negotiation
      • Food Safety Area
        • Animal Health and Identification Division
        • Food Safety Division
        • Laboratory Services Division
        • Measurement Standards Division
      • Natural Resources Area
        • Natural Resources Division
        • Pesticides Division
        • Plant Division
      • Agricultural Development Area
        • Agricultural Development and Marketing Division
        • Commodity Inspection Division


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