Oregon History (mural)

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Oregon History
Back of Sovereign Hotel with mural and OHS plaza 2014.jpg
The mural on the reverse (west) side of the Sovereign Hotel, 2014
Oregon History is located in Portland, Oregon
Oregon History
Oregon History
Location in Portland, Oregon
ArtistRichard Haas
LocationPortland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates45°30′58″N 122°40′55″W / 45.516026°N 122.682025°W / 45.516026; -122.682025Coordinates: 45°30′58″N 122°40′55″W / 45.516026°N 122.682025°W / 45.516026; -122.682025

Oregon History, sometimes called the Oregon Historical Society mural,[1] is an eight-story tall 1989–1990 trompe-l'œil mural by Richard Haas, installed outside the Oregon Historical Society and Sovereign Hotel in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.[2][3]


The mural depicts people and scenes from Oregon's history, including John Jacob Astor, wagons trains, and figures associated with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, including Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea and her child, the African slave York, and the Newfoundland dog Seaman.[4]


The historical society commissioned the artwork in 1989 for $225,000.[4]

The Oregon Historical Society sold the Sovereign Hotel in 2014. In 2016, the hotel building underwent major renovations. The sales agreement required restoration of the mural to its original condition following building renovations.[4]

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