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Oregon Institute of Technology
Oregon Institute of Technology Logo copy.png
Seal of the Oregon Institute of Technology
Motto Per cognitionem, lux (Latin)
Motto in English
Through knowledge, light
Type Public university system
Established 1948
Endowment $23.5 million (2015)
Location Klamath Falls / Wilsonville / Scappose / Salem, Oregon, U.S.
42°15′22″N 121°47′06″W / 42.256°N 121.785°W / 42.256; -121.785Coordinates: 42°15′22″N 121°47′06″W / 42.256°N 121.785°W / 42.256; -121.785
Campus 2 campuses under direct control, with one affiliated OMIC building
Colors Blue & Gold          
Mascot Hootie the Owl
Website www.oit.edu

The Oregon Institute of Technology or Oregon Tech[1] is the only public polytechnic university established in the Northwestern United States. Oregon Tech has a residential campus in Klamath Falls, Oregon and an urban campus in Wilsonville, Oregon with sites in Salem, La Grande, and Seattle, as well as online degree offerings. Oregon Tech provides a total of 32 degree programs in engineering, health technologies, management, communications, psychology and applied sciences with a total of 37 majors.[2] Oregon Tech is known for hands-on education across all majors. Almost all students complete externships, co-ops, or other hands on training inside and outside the classroom.[3]


Oregon TECH Klamath Falls, the University Residential Campus

Klamath Falls campus in 2014

Oregon TECH Wilsonville, the University Urban Campus


Oregon Tech was founded as the Oregon Vocational School on July 14, 1947 to train and re-educate returning World War II veterans. Under the direction of Winston Purvine, the first classes were held in a deactivated Marine Corps hospital three miles northeast of Klamath Falls. The following year, the school's title was changed to the Oregon Technical Institute. In the first school year, 1947-1948, veterans constituted 98 percent of student enrollment. By 1950, the figure was 75 percent. In that year, in response to the Korean War, the school received a contract for training soldiers in welding and warehouse management.[4] In 1953, Associate degree programs in Surveying and Structural Engineering Technologies were first accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development.

In 1954, KTEC, the University's first radio station went on air. By 1953, associate degree programs in the Surveying and Structural Engineering Technologies were first accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development. Not long after in 1956, KOTI television opened on campus. However, KOIT is no longer operated on campus. In 1962, the institute was accredited by the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. In 1970, the first bachelor's degree programs were accredited by ABET. It would be 25 years later when the first master's degrees were offered. 1975 The year gave way to the first Geo-Heat Center established.

The campus was transferred to its current location in 1964, followed by another name change to the Oregon Institute of Technology in 1973. In 2012, the Oregon Institute of Technology officially rebranded to its current name "Oregon Tech". Oregon Tech's four locations in the Portland metropolitan area were consolidated into a single campus in Wilsonville in 2012 at InFocus' former headquarters.[5] By 2015, the Oregon Institute of Technology became an independent public body governed by Board of Trustees.

Post office[edit]

Oretech, Oregon is the name of the post office established in 1945 to serve the university in Klamath Falls.[6] It shares the ZIP code 97601 with the university.[7]


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