Oregon Performance Reporting Information System

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The Performance Reporting and Information System (PRISM) is a data system which collects and disseminates performance measurement data for individuals receiving workforce services from the U.S. state of Oregon government. PRISM was established to collect, analyze, and report on: Workforce development services; Customers receiving these services; and Employment outcomes after receiving services.

PRISM measures Placement (how many individuals found jobs), Retention (number employed after one year), and Wage Gain (wage increase after one year). Performance reports are posted quarterly to the PRISM website. These reports, for use by workforce development professionals, interested governmental agencies, policymakers, and the public at large, show performance outcomes at the county and statewide level.

PRISM was established by the Oregon Legislative Assembly by passage of the 2001 law S.B. 400 (ORS 657.734) which took effect in 2002. The system is governed by a steering committee comprising representative of the three cooperating agencies as mandated by the law, Oregon Employment Department, Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development and Oregon Department of Human Services, but remains otherwise independent of the represented agencies.


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