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Oregon Scientific, Inc.
Industry consumer electronics
Founded 1989, Portland, Oregon, United States
Headquarters Tualatin, Oregon,
United States
Key people
Michael Prager, President
Products weather stations, cameras, clocks, toys
Number of employees
80 (2006)[1]
Parent IDT International
Website oregonscientific.com

Oregon Scientific, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic products including digital clocks, home weather stations, public alert monitors, fitness devices, and electronic learning gadgets. The firm was started in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, United States.[1] In 1997, the company became a fully owned subsidiary of IDT (Integrated Display Technology), a Hong Kong-based company.


OSI and its parent company introduced the world's slimmest MP3 player and the first digital, personal monitor for air quality.[1] The company is known for its WeatherNow award-winning[citation needed] weather station built for home use that uses FM radio signals from MSN Direct to provide 4-days of regional weather information.[1] Oregon Scientific made the first stand alone waterproof mp3 player.

Credit card-sized digital camera, with external flash unit

In 2007, CES Innovations award winners included the ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam, the Talking Wireless BBQ/ Oven Thermometer and the WeatherNow II. Their Pendant MP3 Player and Waterproof MP3 player received awards for innovation at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show.[2] In 2003, OSI partnered with SMaL, Axia and Fujifilm to produce the world’s smallest digital camera.[3] Other products include a waterproof digital video camera,[4] an alarm clock designed by Philippe Starck (a French designer),[5] a pedometer that keeps seven days' worth of data,[6] and an electronic UV monitor among others.[7] The company introduced the Meep! tablet marketed for children in 2012.[8]


In 2000, one of the company's weather radios was recalled for errors in reporting severe weather warnings.[9]

In 2005-06, the company opened its own retail stores with locations in Los Angeles, Palo Alto and Tualatin.[10] These stores round out their retail locations currently in Italy, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.


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