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Oregon State University's College of Engineering is a college within Oregon State University.

It is organized into four schools:

Additional degree-granting programs exist in the disciplines of Ecological Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Radiation Health Physics, and Water Resources Engineering. The two newest buildings are Kelley Engineering Center, home to the school of electrical engineering and computer science, and a remodeled Kearney Hall, home to civil and construction management engineering.


The College of Engineering has graduated 27,000 engineers since its founding in 1889.[citation needed][when?]

It attempts to use innovative Platforms for Learning including TekBots to enhance hands-on teaching and develop work-ready graduates who are driven to build a better world.


As of the Fall term of 2013, there were 5682 undergraduate and 1076 graduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering for the Corvallis campus. This totals at 6758.[1]

The College of Engineering's faculty is made up of approximately 200 members whose time is split between teaching and research.[2]

The College's Operational budget for the 2013-2014 school year was $81.4 million with $34 million from research grants and $16.2 million from private donors.[2]

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