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Oregon Student Association
Founded 1975
Type Student Organization
Website http://www.orstudents.org/

The Oregon Student Association (OSA), a non-profit organization, was established in 1975 to represent, serve and protect the collective interests of students in post-secondary education in the U.S. state of Oregon.[1]

OSA focuses on issues such as tuition, financial aid, and student rights.[2] OSA also provides a collective voice for students in state government, public universities overseen by the Oregon Office of University Coordination, and other state boards and commissions.

General Assembly proposal[edit]

In 2008 there was a proposal before the OSA Board to create an additional board known as the General Assembly which would have the authority to direct lobbying efforts, set dues amounts and elect members to the board of directors, functions which the board does now.[1] The proposal was seen by some as an attempt by the three largest schools in the association to increase their say in proportion to the amount of money they contribute in dues per student.[3]

Member schools[edit]

There are currently eight member colleges of the Oregon Student Association. Each of OSA's three boards (The Board of Directors, The Oregon Students of Color Coalition, and the Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance) consist of two student voting members from each member campus:


Mount Hood Community College[edit]

Mount Hood Community College (ASMHCC) was also a member school, but withdrew its membership after the spring term of 2011 due to political differences. MHCC has an enrollment of approximately 33,000 students, which was a fourth of OSA's member base. Although there was a push to remain members of OSA on the MHCC campus, it was ultimately overridden and OSA was written out of the 2011-2012 budget.

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