Oregon Synod (ELCA)

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Oregon Synod
Country United States
Territory Oregon
Headquarters 2800 N. Vancouver Avenue Suite 101
Portland, Oregon 97227-1643
Congregations 116
Members 46,000
Denomination Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Established 1988
Current leadership
Bishop David Brauer-Rieke
A map of the northwest US and Alaska showing the ELCA synods of Region 1

The Oregon Synod (ELCA) is one of the 65 synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). It encompasses congregations in the state of Oregon and one congregation in Northern California, and supports the congregational mission throughout this territory.

In May 2007, Rev. David Brauer-Rieke was elected as Bishop of the synod. Rev. Paul R. Swanson, the first person to serve as Bishop, was elected in 1987 and is now retired.

Bishop Brauer-Rieke also serves as an officer of the synod council, which is the governing body of the synod between assemblies. It is composed of the Bishop and 23 members elected from each of the 13 synodical geographic regions called clusters. There are one-hundred and sixteen Lutheran congregations in the synod.[1]

The ELCA has partnered its synods with other regions throughout the world and the companion synod for Oregon is the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.[2]

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