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Pine Trees Jerusalem.jpg
An Oren tree
Gender Male
Word/name Hebrew: אורן
Meaning "ash" or "pine"
Region of origin Israel
Other names
Related names Oren, Orna, Oranit, Ornush.

Oren (Hebrew: אורן‬) is a masculine given name, meaning "pine" or "ash" in Hebrew.[1] In the Book of Chronicles, Oren is one of the sons of Jerahmeel, the first-born of Hezron, along with Ram, Bunah, Ozem and Ahijah.[1]

Oren, as a given name or surname, may also refer to:

First name[edit]


Geographical names[edit]

  • Beit Oren, kibbutz onn Mount Carmel in Israel
  • Givat Oren near Hatzor Haglilit, site of the Meister Farm winery in Upper Galilee
  • Nahal Oren, wadi forming on Mount Carmel and flowing into the Mediterranean
  • Nahal Oren, prehistoric archaeological site on the upper course of Nahal Oren


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