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Oren Ginzburg is a French-Israeli writer and cartoonist and the founder of Hungry Man Books. His most famous book, There You Go! - now a short film - was published by Survival International in 2006 and is considered a reference on the fate of tribal people facing "development". The book, translated into 8 languages (most recently Korean, 2015) received excellent reviews from Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu, and Tony Blair. The book was adapted into a music show by Philippe Kadosh (BabelEyes, 2011).

Oren Ginzburg's latest Children's book, Le destin (presque) timbré d'Etienne Durillon, was published in France by Grasset Jeunesse (September 2016) and has been featured in the newspaper Libération.

Oren Ginzburg is currently the Director of the 3MDG Fund in Yangon, Myanmar.

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