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Oreste Carpi self-portrait

Oreste Carpi (3 November 1921 – 11 March 2008) was an Italian painter, engraver and ceramist. He was deaf


Oreste Carpi was born in Poviglio, near Reggio Emilia, and received early training in painting at "Paolo Toschi" art school in Parma.

In 1944 he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, where he studied engraving under the supervision of Giorgio Morandi. After the end of World War II he attended the fine arts academy of Brera in Milan, where he studied under Aldo Carpi and Carlo Carrà.

He graduated in 1950. In these years he became attracted to the practice of painting landscapes en plein air. He is considered one of the last post-impressionist painters of the 20th century in Italy.

During his life he displayed his works in many towns in Italy and abroad: Parma, Verona, Milano, Bologna, Rome, Brescia, Venezia, Moscow, Paris, Madrid and won many national prizes for his artworks and his career.

In 1985 the town council of Parma organized an anthologic exhibition of his works where more than 150 paintings have been displayed.

Main Exhibitions[edit]

  • 1952 : Lerici, Castle, Emilian Painters
  • 1959 : Rome, VIII Quadriennale
  • 1963 : Bologna, Galleria Il Voltone
  • 1966 : Rome, Galleria Camino
  • 1967 : Moscow, House of Sovietic artists
  • 1968 : Milan, Palazzo dellaPermanente
  • 1971 : Paris, Maison de l’UNESCO
  • 1974 : Verona, Galleria San Luca
  • 1981 : Madrid, Casas de Artes
  • 1985 : Parma, Anthologic, Monastero della SS. Annunziata
  • 2003 : Parma, Sede centrale Cassa di risparmio di Parma



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