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Temporal range: Lower Devonian–Middle Devonian[1][2]
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: incertae sedis
Genus: Orestovia
  • O. devonica Ergolskaya, (type) 1936
  • O. petzii
  • O. voronejiensis

Orestovia is a lower[2]-middle Devonian[1] thallophyte known from fossilised cuticle, cutinite. Described as an enigmatic taxa, Orestovia has variously been categorised as a brown algae, an algae of unknown affinities, a thalloid non-vascular plant, and an early vascular plant, or even the result of the alteration of generations of some other group.[2]

Orestovia are typically found as paper coals. Individual remains are naked, unbranched, cutinised axes up to 20 cm in length and 2 cm wide, tapering distally.[3] Most specimens are preserved as hollow, cuticular sheaths that often exhibit an epidermis-like cellular pattern.[3] The cuticles bear structures which have been described as representing stomata.[4] Spores are sometimes preserved between its layers of cuticle.[2] A reconstruction looks similar to the extant fern Pilularia globulifera (Marsileaceae) in the water with a creeping rhizome and naked, upright axes.[3]

Orestovia remains have been documented from the following locations, In Russia: Pavlovsk, Voronezh Oblast,[2] Graham Bell Island, Arctic Ocean[5] and the Kuznetsk Basin, Siberia.[4] In China: Luquan, Yunnan.[6]


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